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The Absolute Interconnect consists of 20AWG Zero Crystal pure silver hand crafted in a flexible “twist array”. These revolutionary cables are insulated against any noise-induction by the best dielectric isolation material ever applied to cable production: hollow core foam Teflon tubing symmetrically configured to Acoustic Zen’s “Constant Air Twist” geometry.

The result is heightened signal sensitivity, lower background noise, more accurate harmonic complexity, and the lowest measured cable capacitance ever created: 6.1 Pico Farads/ft. The double-shielded twist geometry – drawing upon air inducted Teflon foam and intermediary end-to-end air insulation, achieve astonishing objective measurements: inductance of 0.02 uH/ft and resistance of 0.006 ohm/ft. The listening enhancement is instantly obvious: dramatically heightened sonic clarity, wider staging, and undeniable acoustic relaxation. Acoustic Zen’s state of the art interconnects are available in single-ended and balanced lengths between one-half and three meters.



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Silver Reference II


A top-of-the-line pure silver single-ended and balanced interconnect that achieves unrivaled resolution of fine and low level audio details with extraordinary signal coherence across the entire audio spectrum - matchless musical reproduction with stunning imaging, tonal nuance, and dynamic power.

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Matrix Reference II


Pure long grain copper in a matrix design unusually sympathetic to a life like reproduction of vocal and piano registers -- an uncompromising balanced and single-ended interconnect that approaches the absolute musical refinement of our Silver Reference cable at a bargain price.

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Wow is what you’ll say when you hear this cable! Like the rest of the Acoustic Zen line the WOW uses our Zero Crystal Copper. It’s 100% foil and 85% copper braided shield give outstanding shielding from EM and RF interference. WOW is a definite choice for audiophiles seeking high-end cable that offers balanced harmonics and extraordinary resolution at an extremely reasonable cost.

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When we set out to design the Oscar Link we weren't trying to reinvent the wheel. We wanted to create a cable that can deliver everything that Acoustic Zen is know for, clarity, openness, detail, a warm midrange, tight accurate bass and effortless highs; yet still keep it at a extremely reasonable cost. With the Oscar Link you've got a winner. Zero Crystal copper gives new depth to the soundstage. Give a listen to the Oscar Link and we think you'll like what you hear.

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