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The North Star Design  is a young and dynamic Italian company specialized in the design and production of hi-end audio equipment at higher technology and refined sound. From the beginning it has proposed on the market products that meet the new digital standards like Model 3, a DAC 96kHz-24bit (1998) and Model 4, an upsampler 96kHz-24bit (1999) which have represented a reference for the audiophiles of all the world. In 2001 the North Star Design introduced the new Model 192, a DAC with built-in upsampler able to convert a digital input signal until 192kHz-24bit and (in 2002) a top loading CD-Transport based on a full metal CD-PRO2 Philips mechanism; a I2S standard connection between the DAC and CD-Transport insure a very low jitter error in the digital signal path.

In 2003 North Star developed an amplification system based on a stereo preamplifier and monoblock power amplifiers. Completed in 2004 with a very versatile and silent phonostage.

All North Star Design products are Made in Italy!

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