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Tone Arm Scheu Tacco MKII

The Scheu Tacco is our top model with the conical wooden tone arm wand made of either thuja cedar or amboina pine (or others on request). Apart from ensuring maintenance of all the familiar geometric parameters, the development of the equipment also concentrated on fastidious choice of materials. Thus the actual bearing/counterweight unit is made of tungsten, allowing not only a compact design concentrating all the free-to move mass into a condensed space but also the effective suppression of resonance inside the bearing unit thanks to the high density of the metal.

This method of construction means that all kinds of stored energy can be eliminated quickly and effectively.

The Tacco tone arm has a unipivot bearing. The tip of the bearing is a ruby sphere at the end of a hard metal rod. The bearing recess is set into the bearing block and is made of a leuko- (white) sapphire. This arrangement leads to extremely little internal friction and, in addition, the contact surface is well-defined, eliminating any shifting of the point of the bearing. The Tacco is currently available as a 9-inch and 12-inch variant. The effective length is 240 mm with an effective mass in the range from 14 to 16 grams, depending on the wood employed. The Tacco is characterised by its very clear and well-contoured sound reproduction with highly pure bass and an outstandingly fine reproduction of treble. Voices are reproduced in extremely natural fashion.

Tone Arm Scheu Cantus

This is a tone arm with a unipivot bearing where the arm is not actually a wand but is made up of a mechanical framework. This reduces the ubiquitous resonances to an absolute minimum, creating an unbelievably energetic but still ‘relaxed' sound.

The counterweight is made of tungsten allowing the tracking weight to be adjusted very easily and reliably. The suspended counterweight design and the breadth of the frame around the bearing make for perfect balancing of the horizontal tracking angle without the need for complex adjustment.

The Cantus is available in two versions: a 9-inch version with an effective length of 229 mm (pivot-to-spindle separation 212 mm) and a 12-inch model with an effective length of 306 mm (pivot-to-spindle separation 293.5 mm)

Tone Arm Scheu Classic MK II

The return of a classic. The predecessor of this arm sold hundreds and has almost achieved cult status. In response to demand, a redesigned MK II version has now been released.

The modifications to the MK I are concentrated on the total redesign of the base unit for the tone arm. With high-gloss nickel finish and improved lift plus anti-skating mechanism and a lifting base that can be adjusted in two planes, it makes the comfort of operation and the reliability much better than ever before.

The principle of a unipivot bearing and tried-and-trusted features such as the single-piece tone arm made of laser-cut sheet aluminium folded into a U-shaped profile with optional black or white powder coating, the nitrogen hardened and polished unipivot bearing for minimum friction and the standardised cabling running right through to the cinch plugs remain nevertheless as unparalleled as ever. Azimuth adjustment, lateral balance and anti-skating are built-in components of the arm.

What has not changed is of course the excellent sound and the unbeatable price for an arm of this quality.

The Classic MK II is available in two versions:. a 10-inch version with a pivot-to-spindle separation of 227 mm (effective mass 11 grams) and a 12-inch version with a pivot-to-spindle separation of 293 mm (effective mass 14 grams).

The 12-inch version of the arm is as ever the perfect partner for the Denon DL-103. A well-kept secret!


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