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- HID USB Cable - The BEST Upgrade For Your DAC

HID USB is a true HiEnd cable for connectivity of your DAC with personal computers. The cable features fantastic resistance to EM interferences through built in ferrite filters and double shielded design. In addition both sides of the cable are terminated with top grade USB connectors. With this cable you will bring your DAC to the next level - with experiencing greater openess, dyanmic and emotions in sound.

To purchase the cable click here.

North Star Design -
HiFi News Review of the Essensio;825/9372

Rogue Audio -
Triode/Class D Hybrid Amplifiers!

Imagine a new kind of power amplifier that combines the best of both the tube and solid state technologies.  An energy efficient "green" design requiring no tube biasing or regular maintenance. An amplifier having the smooth and organic sound that only tubes can provide combined with the dynamics and slam of a damping factor of over 1000. Such an amplifier now exists! For 2012 Rogue Audio proudly introduces the Medusa and Hydra tube hybrid amplifiers. Utilizing breakthrough technology developed by Rogue Audio these amplifiers provide outstanding performance in a compact and cool running design. The Medusa is conservatively rated at 250WPC into 8 Ohms and 500WPC into 4 Ohms while the Hydra is rated at 100/200WPC. Both amplifiers feature a triode tube front end combined with a class D Mosfet output section that offers

incredibly smooth and transparent sound with none of the fatigue often associated with earlier class D amplifiers. Priced at $3,995 and $2,995 respectively they also afford the excellent value Rogue Audio has come to be known for.

Available will be available in Australia in March 2012.

Class D Done Right!

HiDiamond - Distribution of HiEnd Cables

We are very proud to include HiDiamond - the italian designer and manufacturer of HiEnd audio cables, into our product portfolio.
HiDiamond cables, leverage the exclusive 4VRC© technology of cooper processing and aways guarantee absolute integrity of the signal and clear transmission of the sound. With the use or first-class materials and state of the art machinery, HiDiamond is committed to ensuring the highest levels of production, design and quality control. HiDiamond can perform the main physical tests of the materials at theur laboratories, such as tensile and smoke, toxicity tests, as well as electrical test such as insulation strength. Dieletric rigidity, impedance capacity, impedance transfer, resistance, transfer speed and other minor test. HiDiamond offers the complete series of cable for all audio requirements and applications. Their cables have been rewarded by numerous international quality awards and positive reviews in international audio press.

Try and insert HiDiamond cables in your Hi-FI chain, and  you'll  notice the difference. You will discover the NEW Frontier of Sound.

NEW  -   Essensio 32 bit DAC

The new Essensio NSD digital to analogue converter is an ideal unit for the playback of high resolution files from your computer and a perfect companion for traditional sources. The unit combines the management of streaming audio up to 192kHz and 32bit via USB high-speed signals and perform up-sampling to 192kHz-32bit. We are very pleased to introduce the new Essensio at a special introductory price. Click here for more details.

NEW  -   USB dac32

USB dac32 is the response of North Star Design for those that for music, streaming or not, want a reproduction without compromise. The first DAC in absolutely to combine the management of streaming audio up to 192kHz and 32bit via USB high-speed signals and perform upsampling to 192kHz-32bit before the digital-to-analog conversion. This makes it an ideal unit for the playback of high resolution files from your computer and a perfect companion for traditional sources. This is a true reference DAC and a must hear for every serious audiophile. Click here for more details.

Acoustic Zen Technologies-
CES & THE Show

Acoustic Zen's Crescendo loudspeakers & Raysonic's electronics received a CES & THE Show 2010 Best Award from The Audio Beat. Please click here to view details.

Acoustic Zen Technologies-
Latest Reviews

Please click here to view Part I of the Crescendo speakers review by Jim Merod of Positive Feedback.

Acoustic Zen Technologies- Editor's Choice Award

Acoustic Zen Adagio's loudspeakers receives a 2009 Editor's Choice Award in the September 2009 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine. Please click here for the review

Distribution of Turntables

Scheu Analog has been in existence for more than 20 years, designing and building tonearms and turntables that exceed the performance you would expect at their prices.

A trained toolmaker and talented musician, Thomas Scheu built his first record player in 1985. Inspired by his passion, he was aided by his skill at solution-oriented thinking, his familiarity with materials science and his talent for design and construction-both in developing his ideas and expanding his company. One special highlight of what was still a hobbyist career at the time was the presentation of the "Golden Ear Award" 2001 by The Absolute Sound magazine. In December 2004, after Thomas Scheu's death, his wife Ulla Scheu took over the responsibility for running the company. She fully comprehended how to integrate the Scheu tradition with modern commerce. Scheu’s present lineup includes four decks. The “Premiere” is the most well-known bestseller and show piece of this vinyl specialist despite “Das Laufwerk”, an outright monster in two flavors, sitting above it in the lineup. Then there's the – optionally very colorful – “Diamond”, the first turntable with female customers in mind….and the entry-level Cello. In addition there are three tonearms: “Classic”, flat acrylic “Cantus” and their flagship wooden arm “Tacco”.

Rogue Audio - NEW M-180 Monoblocks

Rogue Audio announced the release the M-180 upgrade of their very popular  M-150 mono-block tube amplifier. Elegant and refined, yet brutally powerful, the new Rogue Audio's M-180 mono-block amplifiers have raised the bar in the affordable reference level amplification.

The M-180 upgrade is extensive and will bring your M-150 mono-blocks to the next level of performance. The upgrade includes a fifty percent increase in power supply storage, a number of power supply modifications, PRP resistors in all critical spots, Cardas binding posts, Cardas input wiring and Cardas RCA jacks, different input circuitry, Hex Fred high speed diodes for the bias supply, polypropylene bypass caps, KT90 output tubes and upgraded small signal tubes. This is a truly excellent upgrade that not only increases output power but provides greater transparency and dynamics as well as an even lower noise floor.

Acoustic Zen Technologies -

Acoustic Zen Technologies continues the uncompromising quest for music with the release top of the range floorstanding speakers Crescendo. The CRESCENDO are very impressive speakers, and are an elaboration of Acoustic Zen's award-winning ADAGIO speakers.  Designed with “no compromise” philosophy, the CRESCENDO’s innovative design coupled with Acoustic Zen’s proven driver technology breaks new ground by delivering nearly perfect sonic linearity while reproducing the finest macro to micro dynamic ranges – all with the lowest possible distortion. Acoustic Zen’s new approach demanded a step forward and rethinking of design structures in order to overcome the limitations of conventional speaker systems.
The CRESCENDO’s drivers embrace Acoustic Zen’s unique “UNDERHUNG” ultra-linear motor system – with its short voice coil in long magnetic gap to achieve ultra low distortion in sound reproduction. This means, that the listeners get less of what they don’t want to listen to, and more of what they do …. The Music. To convey the deep bass notes with resolution, drive and pace, the CRESCENDO employs twp 8”, ceramic coated, “non-pressed” paper cone woofers. These woofers are housed onto a 2” thick baffle for proper time and phase alignment. But that’s only half the story, the woofer’s rear wave is captured and channelled through a transmission line enclosure and released – perfectly in phase – from the port on the front of the speakers. The musical outcome of this design can be heard immediately as clear, crisp bass that creates and immense spatial and musical depth. For mid-bass to high frequency, the CRESCENDO uses two 5” midrange drivers with horn loaded ribbon tweeter configured in a variation of the time-tested D’Appolito array for seamlessly integrated sound. The two 5” drivers sport cones with a unique magnesium alloy impregnated paper, which is directly coupled to the ultra-linear “UNDERHUNG” motor system. The horn-loaded tweeter was designed specifically for this speaker system, and has been meticulously tuned to deliver unparalleled transparency and precision while retaining grace and musicality.

Please contact us to audition the Crescendo speakers!

Rogue Audio

Elegant and refined, yet brutally powerful, Rogue Audio's flagship monoblock amplifiers have raised the bar for reference level amplification. The Apollo's ability to reveal the finest musical details while providing seemingly limitless dynamics are the hallmark of the finest amplifiers we have ever produced. Whether your passion is jazz, rock or symphonic works, these amplifiers will provide the clarity and dynamics to closely rival the original performance.

That these pure tube amplifiers boast a continuous power output of over 250 watts is but a small part of the story. Designed and engineered without compromise, the Apollos boast ruler flat frequncy response, tremendous bandwidth, huge dynamic range, and vanishingly low levels of distortion. And the enormous LC power supplies enable the reproduction of musical transients at far beyond the amplifier's rated output. With a unique and tasteful appearance, the Apollo chassis' are constructed using CNC machined aluminum faceplates and body panels. The ultra-high tolerance electronics components and huge transformers contribute to the peerless build quality. Features include an on-the-fly switch offering either Triode or Ultralinear operation. A second standby switch allows the amplifier to remain warmed up and ready for immediate use between listening sessions. A built in meter and individual bias switches makes tube biasing a snap even for the tube novice. The rear panel contains balanced and single ended inputs as well as 4 and 8 ohm Cardas binding posts.
Please contact for price informations and lead time!

Acoustic Zen Technologies

Acoustic Zen's Absolute power cable receives one of the 5th annual P
ositive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Award for 2008. Please click for details.

Acoustic Zen Technologies

Acoustic Zen introduces the new Allegro subwoofer.  Please click for preliminary informations.

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