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Authentic Solutions Aust Pty Ltd is a newly established company in Sydney, NSW. Our mission is to provide to Australian customers high quality audio products geared toward the audiophile market, at very reasonable prices. We understand you expect high performance, reliability and value.  

Today’s audio market is flooded with numerous different brands of  audio products.  An audiophile and a music lover can spend tens of thousands of dollars in a blink of an eye. In this very competitive market, it is hard to find a fine line between an affordable price and the highest possible quality. At Authentic Solutions Aust we are very proud to offer just that, the best possible quality at the most affordable prices. In our product portfolio we have truly affordable high quality audio products as well as products for the most demanding customers.  Therefore, we are accompanied by products of Acoustic Zen Technologies, Rogue Audio, Scheu Analog and North Star Design. These companies have been world widely recognized as one of the best providers of sound for the price. We are very pleased to distribute and support them across Australia.

Please feel free to send all inquiries about audiophile equipment or to arrange an appointment to

We would be more then happy to arrange the audition at your place, where you can much easier evaluate the compatibility with your existing equipment.

Your Authentic Solutions Team.









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